Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eek , moving out

Most of you know that I am moving out of my apartment. I was planning on staying in the burg, but after repping for a bit now I've realized how much easier it is to travel up north... so many shops in such a small area! Thus I am doing the unthinkable and moving back in with my parents. It'll be fun though, because my sister is also living at home to finish up her degree. The family is reunited.

I remember vividly the night before leaving for my freshman year of college and thinking, "This is it, the last night of what I've known for 18 years." And here I am back again, never say never. When we were planning the move my dad was adamant the I claim the guest bedroom as my office. I said, "No, no I need a craft room... to house yarn etc." Then I realized why are we arguing? They are the same thing to me and that was a cool realization. How many people get to claim that they need a room soley for yarn and crafts that is therefore the office, because they are lucky enough to have such a fun job.

In other news, I've jumped back on the dating train... part of the reason for my lack of blogging...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Qiviut my Heart

Most of you know the amount of UFO's in my possession. With the new job and companies saying to me, "Want to knit a sample, anything you want you can have", the amount of UFO's has increased exponentially. That being said, I was in Stitches with Style in Newark, De today and they had 3 delicious skeins of qiviut.

The store recently changed hands and I was walking around trying to get a feel of the shop now that the inventory has changed. It's definitely my kind of shop, loads of natural fibers! She has lots of smaller companies that I've never heard of, which I love to see. In a little basket were 3 skeins of qiviut in cute little bags that were tied with yellow ribbons. There was also a small knitted swatch that had obviously been handled a great deal, because that's when the qiviut gets really yummy. Each skein had nearly 400 yds and was only $80. That's half price! I carefully reached out and touched the knitted swatch. I was so excited at the price and the feel of that swatch that I got a bit teary eyed. Then I envisioned a luxurious shawl knitted from 2 skeins.

I kept touching and walking by it and staring. Linda, the fabulous new owner, said she would hold a skein for me. I was trying to be good though and said that I may call back later.

On my way back to my parents house I was trying to scheme of a way to rationalize paying $160 right now to buy yarn. I couldn't...tear...then the solution. It was so simple, ask my mom to buy it for me! I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year!