Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reppin' it up

Now that I'm a yarn rep, I basically live on the road. Here are a few tips/ tricks and what I've learned:

  1. If you see a Krispy Creme store, close your eyes. Even if you're driving still follow this guideline, it's better than the alternative.

  2. It's perfectly legal to pass over a double yellow when over-sized trucks are taking up both lanes.

  3. Annie Chun's meals are the best! I'm completely serious here...biodegradable bowl, no refrigeration, microwaveable, low sodium, no preservatives, and pure deliciousness. Perfection!

  4. Super 8 is great. The rooms have a microwave, refrigerator, free wifi, HBO, and a continental breakfast: usually muffins, cereal, coffee, and juice (umm, I mean, Tang). Best of all it's cheap!

  5. Don't knit and drive, you'll ruin your gauge.

  6. Let Sims be your family. I know it's sad, but let's face it I am pretty isolated now. Sims is my stand-in family and friends. (Sadly, I'm semi-serious) Although the wonderful people I've met on my travels have kept me sane so far (a few of you are seriously threatening my sanity however and you don't want an insane person driving on the same interstate as you, so take it easy on my me would ya)

  7. Audio books are the most essential item for long trips. Ahh, the many frivolous romance novels I have had the pleasure of listening many fun-filled hours and delicious men(wink). I usually think of Bear...ahhh...Bear.

  8. Stop fretting about what projects to bring with you. It's a fact that you will want a different project with you, no matter what. And for goodness sakes you are bringing a massive trunk filled with yarn anyway!

  9. Stay in the right lane!!! Honestly, I can not emphasize this enough. Please please please stay in the right lane unless you're passing. If you're going to sit in the left lane and travel at the exact same pace as the car in the right lane....don't pass! It's illegal people, spread the word.

  10. Always remember that you are in sales and it's key that you have a voice to sell yarn. Therefore screaming at cars who are not following rule 9, is counterproductive. Also, following rule 7 to avoid singing at the top of your lungs to Broadway or rock music will likewise prevent loss of your most powerful weapon.

  11. And lastly, don't travel by donkey. You carry too much crap around for that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Neighbors in Humanity

That's right Gina I just couldn't help it! I had to relive that Halmark card moment somehow. Let me explain to everyone who was not lucky enough to be at the Vogue Knitting Party at TNNA (ya, I couldn't resist rubbing that in either), exactly what I'm talking about. Gina, Mimi, Debbie, Belinda, and I were all at the party and the topic of the squares for the VT afghans kept coming up. We were talking with the cool chicks of Modern Yarn about how even if you weren't there and had no direct connection with what happened, people were still affected by it. It was at this moment that Gina interjected with the beauty pageant queen comment of "Well, we're all neighbors in humanity". I'm lucky that I didn't have a mouthful of a cocktail or I may have sprayed it all over Debbie Bliss. The only way it could have been better is if she had made a grand arm gesture with a slight head nod. It was the funniest moment at TNNA, seriously, I'm laughing now writing about it.

Here's a pic of my Farmhouse cottonblossom sweater that everyone has been wanting to see. I LOVE it! Note the new hair cut. I cut about 11 inches off and I got it highlighted for the first time ever.

And here's a tam that I made yesterday with Farmhouse Fat Sheep (great name for a yarn). The pattern is from Knitting Nature. Norah Gaughan is a knitting rock star.

I just couldn't help myself and I had to arrange the baby skeins of Farmhouse Bopeep yarn into a yarnbow. Yarnbow was a typo and I was about to delete it, but I like it!

I arrange all yarn into rainbows, I love how it looks. I guess other people like it too, because I sold quite a bit of it today.

While I was arranging and posing for the above pics, I saw my dad holding our cat Pete and realized he looked like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. I begged him to pose with the pinky at his mouth claiming it would get me more comments. I know, shameless, but it just may work....ha ha ha (Dr.Evil laugh)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Someone help me!

I'm at TNNA with the wild and crazy Mosaic crew. We miss you Sandy! Thanks for holding done the fort. It's knitters gone wild here at the Hyatt. If I hear Shoes one more time, I'm going to pierce my leg with a knitting needle. I swear I'll do it, I really will.
Last night we had delicious food at a steak house. I had some of the best Pinot. It was a 2005 Macmurray....yum. Mimi had quite a few cosmos and Debbie had a healthy number of Appletinnis. They were highly entertaining. I have great pics soon to come.

Today at the show they had a contest to see who could get the most free samples. I think Gina won, but she also made up the rules...typical =>. I was working most of the day and didn't get around to see all of the booths, but here's where I need help....all of the companies I'm repping for keep telling me to come by when the show's over and take anything I want. Let's take a sec and think about that. Anything I want, umm ya, anything I want. These people don't know me yet, because I would clean them out of house and home if I took anything I wanted.

I can't wait!
Tonight we all went to the Vogue knitting party. We met every knitting celebrity you can think of, well almost. We met: Debbie Bliss, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Louisa Harding, Jane Ellison, Kat Boardi, Maggi Jackson, Nicky Epstein, Claudia, Maie, Eunny Jang, Karin Strom, and probably more that I can't think of right now. Many pictures soon to come.

I have a gut feeling that something bad is about to happen. Around all of these celebrities, my dear friend Mimi did the most unglamorous thing. I'll let you all use your imaginations.

By the way, I finished my Farmhouse Cotton Blossom Sweater. I love it and wore it today to the show.