Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reppin' it up

Now that I'm a yarn rep, I basically live on the road. Here are a few tips/ tricks and what I've learned:

  1. If you see a Krispy Creme store, close your eyes. Even if you're driving still follow this guideline, it's better than the alternative.

  2. It's perfectly legal to pass over a double yellow when over-sized trucks are taking up both lanes.

  3. Annie Chun's meals are the best! I'm completely serious here...biodegradable bowl, no refrigeration, microwaveable, low sodium, no preservatives, and pure deliciousness. Perfection!

  4. Super 8 is great. The rooms have a microwave, refrigerator, free wifi, HBO, and a continental breakfast: usually muffins, cereal, coffee, and juice (umm, I mean, Tang). Best of all it's cheap!

  5. Don't knit and drive, you'll ruin your gauge.

  6. Let Sims be your family. I know it's sad, but let's face it I am pretty isolated now. Sims is my stand-in family and friends. (Sadly, I'm semi-serious) Although the wonderful people I've met on my travels have kept me sane so far (a few of you are seriously threatening my sanity however and you don't want an insane person driving on the same interstate as you, so take it easy on my me would ya)

  7. Audio books are the most essential item for long trips. Ahh, the many frivolous romance novels I have had the pleasure of listening many fun-filled hours and delicious men(wink). I usually think of Bear...ahhh...Bear.

  8. Stop fretting about what projects to bring with you. It's a fact that you will want a different project with you, no matter what. And for goodness sakes you are bringing a massive trunk filled with yarn anyway!

  9. Stay in the right lane!!! Honestly, I can not emphasize this enough. Please please please stay in the right lane unless you're passing. If you're going to sit in the left lane and travel at the exact same pace as the car in the right lane....don't pass! It's illegal people, spread the word.

  10. Always remember that you are in sales and it's key that you have a voice to sell yarn. Therefore screaming at cars who are not following rule 9, is counterproductive. Also, following rule 7 to avoid singing at the top of your lungs to Broadway or rock music will likewise prevent loss of your most powerful weapon.

  11. And lastly, don't travel by donkey. You carry too much crap around for that.


Mary said...

You must tell me where to find these Annie Chun meals!

Gina said...

Yes! Where Annie Chun!?! If you say Trader Joe's I'll have your hide! You brought back memories for me, except I didn't even have the Sims for company.

Blissful Debbie said...

Yes, where can we get Annie Chun? Sounds like you are having fun on the road. Remember, they are not real people!!!!

Loren said...

lol, I either got the Annie Chun's meals from Trader Joes (sorry Gina) or Target. They both have good, healthy microwaveable meals. You can order them online too, I just added the link to this post. I've only had the Miso soup, but it was fabulous. The noodles are precooked which is what makes them really good. It also had Tofu, spring onions, and of course miso.

LauraRN said...

These are the Golden Years!!!! (repeat after me...)

And yes-- audiobooks are a lifesaver on the road. (I listen on my "commutes" from Alexandria to Blacksburg.)

Mimi said...

I am with you in the SIMS world. I wonder if we can connect our SIM worlds online and have them meet!! hahahah what a nerdy fantasy!!! But I AM semi-serious, as you say. :) Come see me at the store!!
If you can, bring your Rowan Book.... :)

Nan said...

You forgot to mention the highly sophisticated GPS system you are using...or as i refer to it: MomMom ( 1953 model )....i am almost certain that the Annie Chun meals are at Target.
See you soon...