Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ch-ch-ch- changes... well I guess not so many

Here I am blogging again. I'm not quite sure why, I just felt a yearning to write again. Perhaps it was because I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, or maybe it is that I read my boyfriend's mom's blog. Who knows.
Onward and upward to the few changes that have happened. I work as a supervisor in retail currently. I am no longer a yarn rep. I found that, for me, when my hobby became my job my hobby wasn't fun anymore. I am still living with my bf and we will be together for 3 years this summer. That seems crazy. I feel like we just met. We are still a happy little family with our somewhat worse for wear pup, Cooper. Our poor mutt, which we adopted and were excited because he was a mix and so should be less inclined to inbreeding and therefore be more healthy.... right? Wrong! He is fairly healthy but he has epilepsy and seasonal allergies. Yup my dog is a ginger dog. He doesn't know the difference though he just gets a few laced treats in the morning and night. In fact, he might just be happier and slightly more rotund due to all of these yummy snacks.