Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bacardi in Terra

Meet my next project everyone! Sorry I couldn't find a larger picture, but it's Bacardi, a fair isle sweater from No Sheep for You. As if the pattern itslef isn't interesting enough, I'm using a brand new yarn (not even in stores yet!) from South West Trading Company, Terra. It's a dk 50/50 cotton, bamboo blend. I can't wait to get the yarn! First I have to pick out colors though, I need to choose six. I'm always tempted to pick 6 different colors for fair isle, but I do think fair isle looks better when it's more tonal with just an accent or two. Here are the colors that I was considering:

The sixth is a chocolate brown that I couldn't find a photo of for some reason. I think the colors above might be too safe. What do you think? Here are the other colors that I was considering

I might do the light blue instead of the brown or one of the lighter greens. Regardless of what colors I choose I can't wait to start my first fair isle sweater!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knitting for Penguins!

My sister was in class and in one of her class her professor talked about penguins and oil spills. I'm sure you all know about the terrible effects of oil spills on birds. Basically the oil covers their feathers and the oil destroys their natural oils which makes them very cold. Also, the penguins will try and clean themselves and end up ingesting the oil and poisoning them. What is the solution? Penguin Sweaters! Which also happen to be insanely cute. They keep the wee penguins warm, in style, and inhibit them from preening.