Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bacardi in Terra

Meet my next project everyone! Sorry I couldn't find a larger picture, but it's Bacardi, a fair isle sweater from No Sheep for You. As if the pattern itslef isn't interesting enough, I'm using a brand new yarn (not even in stores yet!) from South West Trading Company, Terra. It's a dk 50/50 cotton, bamboo blend. I can't wait to get the yarn! First I have to pick out colors though, I need to choose six. I'm always tempted to pick 6 different colors for fair isle, but I do think fair isle looks better when it's more tonal with just an accent or two. Here are the colors that I was considering:

The sixth is a chocolate brown that I couldn't find a photo of for some reason. I think the colors above might be too safe. What do you think? Here are the other colors that I was considering

I might do the light blue instead of the brown or one of the lighter greens. Regardless of what colors I choose I can't wait to start my first fair isle sweater!


Roger said...

That model in the photo should really be wearing a helmet.

Gina said...

Pretty sweater! Who's Roger?

Bel said...

Hey! You're blogging!! I love that sweater, too. Say, when are we getting the buttons??

Come see us again!! And give us some heads-up when you're coming...we should all do Kabuki again!!

jody said...

she's wearing a white flowy skirt and "riding" that bike-you really think a helmet is the biggest problem for her???

LauraRN said...

Go for it! Use the brighter colors.