Thursday, August 2, 2007

Birthday Wishes

I googled "being lost" to find some pics and this is one thing that came up....I just couldn't resist using it.
As a rep, I go lots of places that I've never been to before. This caused me to get lost ALL THE TIME! I have made more u-turns in the past week than most people make in a year. Originally, when I first mentioned to my family that I should maybe get a GPS system she said, "People have gotten so crazy with technology, there's no need for something like that if you just use mapquest in advance." And at first, I agreed. That is until, you make a wrong turn and then those directions don't help you out much... you just stay lost. For a while, I would jokingly call my mom my GPS system, because I would call home and get her to hop on mapquest for me so that I could get back on track. She thought this was funny and a great plan, that is until my fiftieth call. It just wasn't working.

Luckily, my family wised up and I got GPS for my birthday... horray! I absolutely love it, I selected the male Australian voice and I call him Outback Jack. So far Outback Jack hasn't steered me wrong, but we'll see its still early in the relationship. He's a tad bossy though, watch it Jack.

I also, got more flowy pants (if you know me, you know how often I wear flowy pants), an awesome fair trade necklace, a pair of reefs, a vegetarian cookbook, and a cute little purse. Life is good!


Mary said...

Oh, yeah, love my GPS. Gotta have one if you're constantly driving to strange new places. I use the British male voice (forget his name), but I call him Nigel. He rarely leads me wrong.

I think I've seen someone on Ravelry use that cat photo as their profile picture. A classic! :-)

Mimi said...

Happy B-day!!!!! Sounds like your having a great time:) We miss you!

LauraRN said...

We love our GPS. We named her after St. Christopher (my Methodist husband's idea.) Her name is Christopher Ann and we call her Chrissy.

Lawre O'leary said...

Happy Birthday--although a bit late.. Driving with lots of u-turns?? I call that boucle driving, a friend and I invented it coming home from Marylad Sheep and Wool one year. Who knew-make one wrong turn and a whole new world opens to you... Anyway I have been perfecting it, and now call myself an "expert"!! Enjoy Jack and the boucle!