Friday, April 15, 2011

Screw Efficiency

I can't understand why some people just don't get crafting.

"Why don't you just buy a sweater?", they say. Excuse me, why don't I buy a sweater? Because I don't want to. If I could go out and buy a sweater and get the feeling that I do when I'm making a sweater, trust me I would. I may just go out and solve world peace while I'm at it, or maybe the financial crisis better yet how about making either political party compromise on anything.

I then explain that I craft because I really like taking raw materials and making something. We evolved and thrived, because we are brilliant craftspeople. Yet, as a culture we don't really make anything anymore. We manage things, that's about it. We manage the machines that craft. I'm sorry but there's just no romance in that, no joie de vivre.

After taking all of this in I then hear, "ok, ok I understand all of this, but what I still don't get is that it just is not efficient." Well, I say if I wanted efficiency I would buy a pair of socks at Walmart. But they aren't the socks that I want. I want socks that I made. I don't care that by the time that I make socks I could buy a pair and wear and wash them a few times. I know that I must now have become a little bit less American. I understand that I am trained in my career, etc to maximize efficiency at all times. I understand that to get my chores done at home, go to the gym, do my grocery shopping, do the laundry, iron the laundry, walk the dog, and have a bit of free time left to relax and knit a bit that I must maximize efficiency. But I say this...

Screw Efficiency


Courtenay Christian said...

This is so true. I would love to add your post to my blog. I'm a sewer but love to make an item instead of purchasing it. THANKS

laurajane said...

Absolutely .you got it spot

CitySmackers said...

Wow. Finally someone that understands. Good job.

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