Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Knitters Eat First!

While my mom was in town we had to go to the best breakfast place in the burg. Gillies! It's a vegetarian restaurant, but even if you're a meat eater Gillie's is a must. They have delicious homemade biscuits, fabulous seasoned potatoes, and mimosas!

We walked in and found ourselves a table. As soon as we sat down we realized that we were going to have to wait a while. The dining room was full and there were only two servers in site. That was fine by us, we're knitters after all. We got out our projects and started knitting and chatting. Shortly, after we sat down two women came in and sat at a table next to us. After about 5 minutes of sitting at the table without service they stormed up to the counter and complained, snatched menus angrily, and returned to their seats. Their waitress apologized and explained some people didn't show up for work. They ordered and a few minutes later my mom and I placed our order. We had our coffee and knitting projects and that's all we needed to make us happy.

Somewhere around 20 minutes later we received our meals. The rude, angry women did not. Right away we could hear them moaning and complaining. They stormed up to the waitress again and said they had been waiting 45 minutes and were trying to catch a movie. First of all, it was about 1/2 that time. Secondly, if you wanted to catch a movie eat McDonald's. Thirdly, if you weren't so damn rude you probably would be eating already.

They finally got their food. They started slamming their plates and making all kinds of noise. My mom and I couldn't contain ourselves and kept laughing hysterically. It was absurd. I then noticed that one of the woman had ordered grits. The my cousin vinny references couldn't be held back. Did you think you ordered magic grits? Why do expect water to soak into a grit at Gillie's faster than at any other restaurant? Did you think the laws of Physics don't apply at Gillie's?

After they finished, they threw some money on the table and stormed out. I'm assuming they rushed to their money. After the entire dramatic scene, one of the woman came back in and grabbed her purse that she had forgotten. So much for their grand exit. She then threw a sheepish smile in our direction and finally left.

If they had been knitters they could have avoided that whole mess. They probably could seriously lower their blood pressure too!


Gina said...

Imagine sitting and waiting and not knitting! What a waste of time!

MJ said...

That was too FUNNY!!
sometimes people are just so worked up over something so small that is not anyone's fault.

This is why I always take knitting everywhere! knitting builds patience :)

jody said...

i think people don't realize that sometimes you just have to wait-i think i tell me kids that about 1700 times a day-it's one of those "all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten" lessons!!

Nan said...

i still have indigestion from those women slamming their salt and pepper shakers on the table...may need therapy in fact!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Reinhardt,
You are in violation of my copyrighted name "Surly Purler." Effective 3-1-07, you will be charged $85/day for the use of this trademark. Please e-mail any questions to

Frank Countman

Loren said...

Nice try Mr. Housen! I'd recognize one of your fake notices anywhere! I seem to recall a similar incident when you convinced my sister they had lost all of her records at JMU.