Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow's dangerous!

Funny story, well kinda... We had our first big snow here in the Burg during the week. I was so excited that I immediately went outside and made some snowcream. For those less fortunate that have never heard of snowcream, you mix together 1/2 c. milk, 1 tbs sugar, 1 tbs chocolate syrup (or other delicious flavor) and then add clean, white snow until desired consistency!

Later that evening, I couldn't sleep and crazy me decided it would be a great idea to go sledding. It was midnight by then, but that didn't stop me. I mean, come on, one of the best hills in B-burg is a 2 min walk from my apartment. I was sledding for about 45 min and really having fun. I hiked back up the hill and said those famous last words, "This will be my last one". I say that when eating brownies too and that never works out either! Anyway, I ran, jumped on the sled and off I went! When I was almost at the bottom, my foot caught on the ground, my sled turned, and I rolled off and on to the ground. I stood up and immediately could feel that I had sprained my stupid right ankle. I tried to walk up the hill, but instead I had to ask two strapping young gentleman if they could get me back to my apartment. (For other single ladies out there, I think faking the sprain and picking the cutest guy on the hill is an excellent strategy) One of them was bigger than me and I had complete confidence when he asked me to hop on his back. They then decided to switch and this little guy that I probably outweighed by 75 pounds told me to hop on his back. To which I said a resounding, "Hell no!". That evening had already been embarrassing enough, thank you! They carried me up the hill got my roommate and I was off to the ER.

They confirmed the sprain, gave me crutches, pain medicine, and sent me on my way. However, the trip wasn't a total wash. I meant the real life mc Dreamy. mmm, let me take a moment and stare at the picture......... ok back to blogging. That's right ladies head out to the ER in the Montgomery County Hospital and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Luckily, I had knitting with me... umm, of course, who do you take me for? As a woman was x-raying my ankle I unconsciously made my pitch for Mosaic. I bet I say it in my sleep too. She said I was a good salesperson! Woo hoo! And that she'd stop by Mosaic and sit and knit. She also admitted she had a weakness for good yarn, so I'm sure she'll love Mosaic!

I spent the rest of the week in my apartment, basically by myself. Thank goodness there is finally a couch in the living room, so I could spend all day watching my free Starz and HBO. All last semester my roommate kept saying next week the couch is coming, then a week would go by and no couch. At last, it's here! There's a love seat too!
I did, however, get gobs of knitting done. I finished a pair of jitterbug socks (to be mailed to a special someone), one lizard ridge square (though I'm not sure it's going to make it into the afghan, Do y'all like it?), a scarf out of Ozark (a thank you present), one chaco trekking sock, and I'm about 6 inches from finishing my ecowool sweater!


jody said...

my next door neighbor is an ER doc at MRH but her name is Holly so i'll just assume you didn't mean her :)...sorry to hear about your sledding boo-boo and i hope yo're better soon! at least you need not feel guilty sitting on your bum knitting!!

Gina said...

Crutches and that is the money shot! Nice couch! Wish I could take pain killers and knit a bunch! Sounds like an adult trip to Disney Workd!

Knitress said...


The knitting time is great, but I doubt you really want to get it this way.

Is there anything you need? Groceries? Ewan McGregor DVDs (I have an embarassingly large collection)? Want to borrow knitting patterns?

Mimi said...

Im so sorry you now have a boo boo. I like your projects though. When are you working next? I want to come in and have you show me how you sewed your blanket up cause it looks way better than mine.
sledding at midnight? Loren...
I finally looked up the word surly in the dictonary. woo hoo for me:)

Bel said...

What great photos! Crutches are the worst, but you got a great story out of it!! Maybe my back issue from this morning is WORSE than I thought! Knitting and a comfy sofa...these sound just yummy on a day like today! Hope you're feeling better. Let me know if I can bring you anything this week, okay?

Anonymous said...

Grey's anatomy ended nine minutes ago and I'm still crying