Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is Done!!!

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Christmas, but I knit almost all of my presents this year. I of course have been warned that this is a terrible idea, but I thought " oh no, I'm not like those other people, I won't procrastinate. I love knitting and I love my family so my presents will surely be done weeks before Christmas". And guess what, I did it! I finished all the knitting on my fabulous presents. Here's the list: Teddy bear - grandma, Huge socks- grandpa, knit wall hanging- sister, motorcycle polishing cloth- dad. My mom, got a skein of qiviut that I bought her in Alaska over the summer.

However, I did not finish weeks ahead of time. In fact, on Christmas eve I stared down at 17 teddy bear pieces that needed to be seamed together, not to mention finishing on other presents. I stuck it out though, I spent almost the entire day with that teddy bear and she got finished! My grandma cried when she opened her so I guess I did well. Teddy was done by about 8 on Christmas eve. I quickly went downstairs and asked my dad the question all young knitters ask at some point in their knitting career. Yup, that's right: Dad, where's the gun?

No, I was not about to shoot myself after hours of insanely seeming together ridiculously tiny pieces and an unending procession of weaving in ends (oh, intarsia you give me hours of such fun) . I actually, needed the staple gun to finish the wall hanging for my sister and was shocked when my dad refused me the satisfaction of finishing that last project. I pleaded, "Please, I need it what am I going to do without it! Christmas is doomed, I need to finish!! Months of intarsia need to come to an end! TONIGHT!" He, of course was confused and meanwhile my mom was staring at us, probably trying to contain herself. She was watching this argument go back and forth like a tennis match. Finally, she screamed "staple gun, she needs the staple gun". My dad and I quickly understood the confusion and thank goodness, Christmas was saved and Kate, my sister, received her intarsia masterpiece!

As far as presents I recieved, I guess this blog worked! I got a fabulous present from Gina! (She did technically give it to me before I started the blog, but I still think the blog helped.) I got a silk Lantern Moon backpack. I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture yet so here's one from the Lantern Moon website.


Gina said...

At first, I thought that was you in the picture holding the backpack and I thought (now, don't take this the wrong way)but wow, you have been working out alot since Christmas break started, that girl's ass is teeny! Glad you like the bag, sounds like xmas needed Xanax...

Loren said...

No offense taken at all, my ass hasn't been that teeny since 3rd grade! And I love the bag! Thank you so much!