Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hello fellow knitters and welcome to my blog! I was provoked to start a blog by my boss Gina. (I'm hoping for a good Christmas present) I'm a student at Virginia Tech (that's my parents and I with the hokie bird!), where our moto is "We're a drinking town with a football problem". Thus, freshman year I developed a terribly addicting habit. (Dun dun dun, scary darth vader like music) That's right knitting! Not the worst habit, yet my wallet became seriously light. Something had to be done, so I started work at a knitting shop, Mosaic in Blacksburg, VA.

For all of you who have yet to visit this beautiful town nestled in the heart of Appalachia, you must come visit! Definitely come visit Mosaic too. It's truly my favorite yarn shop and I have seen my fair share. (Happy Gina?) No seriously, I love it and am usually there even when not working. Anyway, not only do I get a sweet discount which supports my habit I also get valuable advice from the resident knitting guru of Mosaic, Sandy. Sandy is a virtual knitting machine, turning out entrelac shawls, intricate lace, sweaters in mere weeks and Lord only knows what knitting tricks she has hiding up her sleeves. She's good for gossip too, my favorite combo in any knitting pal.

Well, it's getting late and I need to finish those Christmas knitting projects details and pics soon to follow, but if I post it my nosy family will definitely find out what knitted treasures await them under the tree. Ok, well they're mostly on the needles now but eventually they will be under the tree...hopefully


Gina said...

Love the Blog! Now you can show the world all those wacked out projects you've been working on like the Honda motorcycle washcloth! The name of your blog is very appropriate!

Gina said...

You need to get writing, Sister! And taking photos! Chop Chop!