Sunday, December 31, 2006

Swimming in Yarn!

I realized I haven't written about my Christmas presents yet! Well, I got some great stuff. First of all and most importantly, I received from my grandma enough alpaca to keep me in hog heaven for at least a month. It's this beautiful chocolate brown dk weight 100 % alpaca yarn from alpaca jack's (pic on the left). It's fabulous and I found a gorgeous kimono sweater pattern on knitpicks that I think I'm going to use. I ordered the pattern and the needles so I hope to cast on soon. I also got a new hiking backpack and a new joe rocket motorcycle riding suit, which is nylon perfect for the tree- hugging vegetarian! I also received a beautiful cashmere sweater, fabulous jewlery, and some nice knitting project bags. It was a great Christmas!

In the mean time, I started my first sweater, well cardigan really. I'm not a novice knitter, in fact I have no fear of any pattern expereinced or otherwise, but I just haven't taken the plunge with sweaters. I have done lace and other complicated things, but I have to say I'm very excited about this sweater. I am using the Asymmetrical Cardigan pattern from Knitting Nature (pic from the book on left) and I'm using Cascade's Ecowool (which can both be found at Mosaic, though we may be out of the book). It's all in one piece which I love! I cast on almost immediately after Christmas and have the entire left front done and am now working on the right front. Ecowool, be still my heart! I just love it! It's environmentally friendly, no dies and it feels like knitting with handspun yarn. Honestly, who doesn't love a good handspun yarn? Not to mention that it's also very affordable; $15 for 450 yards. Run to your nearest store and purchase immediately!

Also, I have been working on some socks for me! My favorite knitter, Sandy, brought me back some gorgeous sock yarn from stitches as a gift. I cast on Christmas for these as well and have completed one beautiful sock and am fervently working on the second. No SSS for me! I love, love, love them. They're fabulous in every way =>

By the way, I completely agree with Gina! This silly knit from your stash movement must be stopped! I mean come on! Why should anyone deny themselves the shear pleasure of entering a yarn shop and imagining the endless possibilities of projects, buying the yarn, and getting the greatest high there is for a knitter; casting on? Not to mention knitters have stashes for a reason! We love being surrounded by yarn! Life would be terribly boring if I didn't wake up every morning drowning in yarn. Honestly, the whole concept is ludicrous and I simply refuse to think of it any further. With that soap box statement, I'm off to bed!

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Gina said...

The is knitting "fetching" off of and the other has finished two garter stitch scaves and is now knitting a hat. The cabled knitting bag, he has put in the UFO pile cause he says it drives him crazy. I don't think we have them for much longer tho, Elder Richard will probably be transfered, which I'm actually sad about. They are such characters!