Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bloggin in the Burg

I know I've been's been literally weeks since my last blog. Luckily, I don't think that many people read it yet so hopefully I haven't disappointed anyone. I have loads to talk about, but I'll start with the beginning of this semester. I'll get to New York tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm taking 19 hours. Those of you who are pessimists may think this is far too many hours, but I'm an expert at time management (when I want to be). 19 hours is really not that many to me since I don't have many extra curriculars this semester. I'm taking plant taxonomy, general zoology, evolutionary genetics, economics of food and fiber systems, statistics, global ethics, and finally a completely bogus physics lab. Plant taxonomy is going to be sweet, I hike and I want to know more about the plants in the area. The second half of the lab is just walking in the woods and IDing plants. I'll be in hog heaven! Global ethics is interesting too. Today in class we were assigned numbers and divided into 4 groups; wealthy people, middle class, working class, and lower class. I, obviously, was of the highest class. We were given these sheets of paper with toxic waste written on them and we had to get other groups to take it. They didn't know it was toxic, ha ha ha.

To get myself through some of the other more boring class, I knitted! I have decided that I am definitely a sock knitter. They are my knew garter stitch scarf. I just love that you can get sock yarn in gorgeous colors and patterns so all I have to do is stockinette stitch. So this afternoon I went to my statistics teacher after class and asked him if it was ok if I knit. After which I took a deep breath and was chanting in my head "please say yes, please say yes". If you've never taken stat before, it's insanely boring! Without my knitting, I may just have to stab myself in the leg with a fork to make sure I'm still alive. He said "wow, no one has ever asked me that one before". He then said " um, I guess so. As long as you don't knit anything that's offensive". A million things ran through my head, the first of which was what I could I knit that was offensive. Now I did recently see knit pasties in a book, which is great for all those strippers out there who are busy knitting in their spare time, but I can assure you I'm not one of them. The next thing I thought I could make was a knit tapestry that says Stat sucks, maybe with a few choice expletives in there. While I think that is an excellent idea, even I can't knit intarsia and really pay attention in class. Finally asked "Do you find socks offensive?" I was expecting a laugh or just a simple no. Instead he said "well I guess it depends on what you do with them". I just gave a weak laugh and really didn't know what to say. I just kept thinking what exactly is this guy doing with his socks, and I hope no one is hand knitting these socks that he has found such an offensive use for. In the end though I can knit in class which is good, but now every time I go I'll think about that mysterious offensive use. Any ideas?


Gina said...

Your stats professor is one wierd bird! Check out Mimi's blog! I think you are taking too many classes! In fact, you need to quit school and work at your LYS full time.

Mimi said...

HAHAH- Yeah, it makes you wonder what he is doing with socks.... hmm... You could make a nice cock cozy! hehehe
what a weirdo.
funny stuff! I love your dog sweater! WHat is it out of?

Gina said...

MIMI! You can't say COCK on a blog! Her mother reads this thing! Jeez!