Monday, January 22, 2007

Picking a pattern

Ok, so turns out Gaia and I are not yet one, because I definitely had class today. All the more reason for me to hike more and really get in tune with mother earth.

Anyway, I have all of this gorgeous chocolate colored alpaca just sitting around and no pattern yet. It's a sport weight yarn, so I've had a little trouble finding a pattern I really like. Most of the modern patterns are not knit on a very small needle. A lightning bolt stuck today and I realized that I should look through the vintage knits book. Eureka, it seems a lot of these vintage inspired knits are made from a lighter weight yarn. So here are my choices and feedback would be greatly appreciated. For all of you nonbloggers out there anyone can leave a comment and I love reading them!
First, is Joy. The down side to this snazzy little sweater is about 5,000 beads, but hey I'm patient. Or at least I will be if I ever finish this.

Second, is Charlot. I'm not very good at embroidery, but I'll figure it out when I get there.

And last, is Fleur. I really like this sweater, but I think I might get bored. It's worth it though if the sweater will be fabulous.

Ok, which is your favorite?


Gina said...

I like "Joy" best, but I think "Fleur" will look the best on you. The second one is old lady crap, if you're ask'in...Belinda has a blog now, you can get to it from Mosaic's blog!!!

Belinda said...

Hi, Loren! I'm finally techno! Anyway, I found your site and I just LOVE the photo of you from Alaska! Anyway, my vote is for the first one...and I can't tell, but is it a hoodie? I don't think so, but I like the flip. I am a cardigan freak, and this one is definitely my fav. The last one is also nice. Would you like to have your blog link on my blog?? I can add you as a soon as I figure out how to do it!!

Mimi said...

I say BEADS baby BEADS... maybe this will distract you from lizard ridge... hehehehe

Gina said...

I wouldn't trust anything Mimi says at this point in the Lizard game...