Thursday, January 4, 2007

New York, Here I Come!

Tomorrow, my mom and I are headed out to New York! We are driving up early in the morning and plan to spend most of the day touring the yarn shops. The last time I went to New York I wasn't as focused on yarn, so I've actually never been to NYC yarn shops. I'm very excited! I plan to map out our route on the way. My top stops are Purl, Knit New York, and Habu Textiles. I also want to hit some good vintage/ discount clothing stores. I highly recommend Canal Jean Co. in Soho. I've found great things there for only $20.

My sister is taking the train there (so metropolitan of her) and we'll meet her. We're also meeting our uncles ; Uncle Bill, red and Tony, blue (color of sweater, not political affiliation). I think we're planning on eating at a vegetarian restaurant too! I'm so tired of eating spinach artichoke dip at restaurants. Apparently the restaurant industry decided the only thing on every menu that's vegetarian is that @$%#ing dip. You can't even get a salad without meat on it!

I also hope to run into this gentleman! Do you thing he likes obsessive compulsive knitters?


Gina said...

Habu Textiles will blow your mind...the very best. You've been tagged with a my blog...have fun in NYC!

Nancy said...

Hey Loren!

Have fun, and visit Seaport Yarns and Purl. Very different places, both fun.