Thursday, January 25, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

Everybody has that list of things they want to do before they die. Today I discovered a few more I want to add on, but before I get to that here are a few of my current goals.

  • Be fluent in 5 languages (I'm going to have to work harder on this one since I've been taking French off and on for about 12 years and am still not fluent)
  • Knit a shawl out of vicuna
  • Learn how to spin
  • Own alpacas, angoras, a cinnamon quarter horse, and goats
  • Make my own wine
  • Get ripped, but not scary she-male ripped
  • Live in Europe for at least a year, or own a home there
  • Hike in the rainforest
  • Climb Denali
  • Visit every Continent

And now for the recent additions... I found these adventures at REI. Here's the link

  • go to Antarctica (They take a helicopter from an icebreaker into an Emperor Penguin colony. You get to see the chicks!)
  • Climb Kilimanjaro (After the climb you can go on a safari and then take a balloon ride over the Serengeti)
  • Multi-sport in Australia
  • Hike in Laos and Cambodia
  • Hike the Julian Alps

I'm sure there are more places I will want to visit when I find them, but those are the top ones of the moment. I guess I better sell a crap load of yarn. What are your top things to do before you die?

By the way, I'd like you all to meet Bear Grylls. Watch his TV show, Man vs Wild! He is seriously badass and sexy!


Bel said...

I hope you can go all of those places, Loren. My dream also is to go to Africa one day. My husband and I were backpacker/trail seekers in our former lives, and I hope you can experience all the travels you want. I'm glad that you posted that website. I will enjoy this very much.

Gina said...

I can tell ya one thing...I'm not doing anything where there are big ass bugs, I could potentially get caught under a rock and have to saw my arm off with a paring knife, or not luxuriate in a bubbly warm tub, then slip on a plush robe and settle in to a pillow down top bed. But, hey, I'm 40. Not 20. Big difference.

Loren said...

There aren't any big ass bugs in Antarctica!

Mimi said...

I agree with Gina..only place I want big ass bugs in in a pretty frame on a wall. I also dont want to go anywhere I have to take Milaria medication and have to take an armed body guard with me to protect me from Hippos. I guess I am not the outdoor types. I would like to go to Europe though. Not to hike or back pack, just to eat! HEHEHEH

Bel said...

Oh, by the way...have you ever seen Survivor Man? The host is not as chiseled, but I think the show is better. He goes by himself and sets up all the cameras cameraman. Try him out sometime. Plus he plays a mean harmonica.

Loren said...

I think survivorman is annoying. He films it by himself, but he has a medical crew with him. I will be faithful to my Bear for all eternity.I mean come on, how many guys do you know can fend for themselves in the wild and in still find time to make tea?