Saturday, January 20, 2007

You know you're a knitting nerd when....

You're TI- 89 graphing calculator is used to help you with gauge not calculus.

Your top homework assignment is to write on your blog.

In math class you ignore the professor and use graphing paper to write up new patterns.

The first Sunday of every month is devoted to taking your yarn inventory.

You knit socks in class.

You don't use a pocket protector, but you do have a case to protect your needles.

You TiVo Knitty Gritty.

You had to construct a library with a floor to ceiling rolling ladder to house your knitting book collection.

You compete with knitting friends to see who can make lizard ridge faster.

You knit the binary code scarf in the latest Knitty issue.

Are you a knitting nerd?


Gina said...

You didn't knit the Binary scarf, did you? Crap, tonite I found my next sweater. The Urban Aran Cardigan. Check out the Streets and Yo's or Brooklyntweed'll see. I am so very screwed.

Mimi said...

I like the lizard ridge one!! hahaha

What about... if.. You go on vacation, and spend most of your time in other yarn shops.

If you use graph paper to sketch out your next project, OR make a 3-D version with paper first.

Loren said...

I didn't knit that scarf yet, but I will someday!

Gina said...

Or you make your Boss' Dog a Cashmere sweater cause you love to Fair Isle...

Mimi said...

Yes... I recomend the cashmere sweater... best way to kiss bosses ass! hehehe

Mumsy said...

when you spend more money on yarn then your kids education...oh wait...!!

Nancy said...

I have a spreadsheet of my yarn stash and I update it as I use or buy....I keep a notebook with pictures and narratives of my projects...I have two three ring binders of patterns purchased and off the internet...I dream of knitting...I alternate my projects on a daily knitting basis...I fondle yarn in yarn stores...I examine the construction of store bought sweaters and say "I can make this!"....Knitting Nerd? Me? Oh! I THINK SO!